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Business Forecast for Vijayawada

Imagine a major transit point, connecting two industrial zones, what an iconic place on earth! By all means, it is Vijayawada connecting Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.Good connectivity paves the way for the industrial development of Vijayawada.The two national highways link the city to Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. The new deep-water port adds to the city’s real estate appeal. The rapid growth of the IT industry reflects to the increase of flights. The Hyderabad-Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam Growth Corridor boosts industrial growth as Vijayawada is a major commercial hub. Investment in infrastructure, Improvement in traffic and transport infrastructure are the highest on the talked about investments planned under the new city master plan.Referred as the Place of Education, Vijayawada has a number of schools, institutes and engineering and medical colleges. As the business capital of Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada boasts of a dynamic economy based on trade and commerce. The major industries in Vijayawada include booming garment industries , automobile body buildings , hardware small scale industries and iron.The city has a booming economy fuelled by the explosive growth in these sectors. Vijayawada is the second largest junction in the Indian Railways which endows the city with strong connectivity with the rest of India.The business forecast seems to be pretty fascinating. .

Vijayawada City Heritage and History

Historical structures, buildings and districts defined as heritage, when addressed as the ‘Place of Victory, Global City of the Future, Place of Education, Paired as a Sister City of Modesto, California, Symbolic Cultural heritage objects, Heart of Andhra Pradesh,’ is definitely overwhelming! A rich repository of heritage, Vijayawada brings you victory in your life and we cannot compromise on connecting with its great history. If you are seeking for an amalgam narrative of our glorious past with today's vertically growing commercial hub, then it’s unquestionably Vijayawada that you have to visit. Ideally on the banks of the River Krishna with the scenic Indrakiladri Hills to the west, adorned by the Budameru River in the north, etches Vijayawada to the summit. Undavalli caves, Mogalarajapuram caves, Kondapalli fort , Bhavani island, a few sites to mention is a must visit to get a glimpse of the prosperous heritage of the land. Mythological references and historical evidences create a sense of wonder and quest to know the place of sanctity. Dotted with many temples and places of worship, Vijayawada showers experiences of the divine touch in the serenity of its natural surroundings. The legacy of physical artefacts and intangible attributes of a group or society inherited from the past, the allegories of the Lords, the city’s strong, political and cultural background, the several archaeological jewels, the fertile soils of Vijayawada, all portray the history and heritage of Vijayawada. Delve deep into the marvelous city donning the colours of religion and culture to explore more.

Places to Visit in Vijayawada

Whichever part of the world you are from, never compromise on a tour to the historic mountains towards getting a glimpse of the prosperous heritage of the 'Land of Victory.’ First and foremost never miss the opportunity to step Bhavani Island that shower enormous activities like water-skiing, kayaking, parasailing, fishing and picnicking with your family. Bhavani island proves to be the perfect place for a relaxing weekend. Did you know that the breathtaking architecture built in Dravidian style, the Kanaka Durga Temple is a shrine dedicated to Goddess Durga? Why wait? Get the plan for visit immediately. I’ve heard my friends talk about the Indian rock-cut architecture carved out of a solid sandstone on a hillside, the Undavalli Caves, which after your visit will leave one in amazement and awe because of its spectacular design. The stunning fort anybody from South India can guess is obviously the Kondapalli Fort, which attracts tourists all round the year. Take a day’s trip to Subramanya Swamy Temple, in the midst of beautiful mountains, forests and rivers, to Amaravathi in order to witness the Largest Stupa of the country and to the Besant Road filled with multi- cuisine restaurants and exuberant cinema halls. To explore the imprints of time and all it has left behind is definitely a walk to the Victoria Museum. The most renowned Jain temple, Hinkar Thirtha, the Rajiv Gandhi park brimming with lush greenery, the Gandhi Stupa that attracts hordes of tourists, the striking three-storeyed building of ISKCON, the Haailand theme water cum amusement park and the VMC Disney Land offering a plethora of fun games and activities adds to the significance of the place. St Mary's Church and Hazrat Bal Mosque are sights for sore eyes and depressed hearts. The Lenin Statue, the Prakasam Barrage , the Archaeological Museum in Amravati, Sri Ramalingeswara Swami vari Devasthanam of Lord Shiva, are all places to be cherished. If you are one for adventure, sports, water slides, shopping and tours, Vijayawada is the most exhilarating place to visit!

Preventive Measures taken in Hotels Amidst the Pandemic

Impact of the Pandemic
The pandemic outbreak has caused an irreparable damage to global health. It has not only created a massive loss to the lives of many but also has psychologically and financially affected the entire populace.

The industry which was affected most was Hotel and Hospitality industry. The travel bans, border closures, events cancellations, quarantine requirements and fear of spread, have put the tourism and hospitality sectors to backstage.

When everyone was supposed to stay safe at home, there arose a need when people had to travel called as “essential travel. Their priorities being business issues, personal commitments like tending to sick family members who have no one else to help them and so many other reasons, creating unavoidable circumstances for their travel. In that case, Hotels or another facility that has deemed suitable for quarantine are the only options left to stay safe.

Faced by unprecedented impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the hospitality industry finally decided to open up by following all safety and social distancing guidelines. The essential services will have the housekeeping staff, a section of the kitchen, the coffee shop/dining room, bar, along with the front desk and security.

The Techniques implemented by most reputed hotels for the Guests are:
⚫ Opening only few rooms with Smaller guest lists with strict rules of social distancing for long stay or short visits.
⚫ Mandate Thermal screening at the entrance
⚫ Entrance, exits and other rooms sanitized and cleaned on daily basis as per fssai guidelines.
⚫ All linen and towels are immediately removed after the departure and washed at a sufficiently high temperature to ensure sterilisation.
⚫ Aarogya setu app check before taking check ins.
⚫ Disposal items being preferred
⚫ Running Hot Water, soap and hand dryers readily available.
⚫ Availability sanitizers and masks in all public places and every floor/station.
⚫ Encouraging Self-service to reduce human contact.

Checks done inside the hotels following WHO and other safety guidelines:
⚫ Digital payments of bills
⚫ Kitchen and service staff trained as per fssai and advised to wear masks and gloves always
⚫ Daily Monitoring of good personal hygiene and effective handwash among staff and attendees.
⚫ Availability sanitizers and masks on every floor/station and staffs are advised to use them all through.
⚫ Staffs are allowed inside after proper thermal screening.
⚫ Post check-outs, guest rooms are kept vacant for at least 1 days before accepting the next check-in.
⚫ Some of the hotels started keeping a trained doctor and nurse round the clock and appropriate medical arrangements for any emergencies.
⚫ If any traveller in quarantine shows any signs of Covid-19, the arrangement was there to shift him to an isolation room without delay. The facility will be then disinfecting and sanitizing the room thoroughly and leave it locked for three to four days.

As the world begins to re-emerge, where survival is the only option, the hospitality industry has slowly resumed its services with few options and trying to come back to life, ensuring optimal safety, hygiene, and comfort at every turn.

Times are tough, but it has brought us together in unexpected ways. As we adapt slowly into the ‘new normal’, we must be mindful of helping hands that will get us through this pandemic.